The Apeks DST First Stage Diving Regulator is the exact same unit that is from the XTX 50 diving regulator combination. It is ideal for divers who wants a swivelling dry seal first stage, that comes with 4 LP and 2 x HP ports. It is only available in DIN configuration.

It is a cold water over balanced first stage, that is protected by an environmental seal that helps prevent ice formation. This is also a popular purchase amongst our customers who are looking for just the 1st stage alone, as the move towards double cylinder diving in either back mount or side mount configuration.

  • Dry Sealed System with swivel turret (DST)
  • 4 MP ports, 4 x 3/8 UNF
  • 2 HP ports, 7/16 UNF
  • Available in both DIN and yoke fitting



DIN, DIN with 5th Port, Yoke INT, Yoke INT with 5th Port