MIB Hose Breakaway Connector


The MIB break away connector allows the ease of mounting a single ended bolt snap to your long hose configuration. Traditionally, divers have relied on using cave lines for this but with this, each time you practise your break away, you no longer have to retie your single bolt snap.

The MIB break away connector is easy to use, does not slide on the hose. This breakaway clips are designed for emergency use in the event of an ‘out of air’ scenario. As such they are not designed to hold up to repeated attaching and detaching from the hose. Additionally, the single breakaway clip is designed to fit most single-ended bolt snap ring with a max diameter of 4.5mil.

Trying to attach the clip to a ring with a diameter of more than 4.5mm is not advisable, and will likely cause the clip to break. And finally, repeated attaching and detaching of the single clips when used for something other than a secondary regulator hose runs the risk of reducing the clip’s lifespan.





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