45-Degree K Oral Power Inflator


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A replacement K-style 45-Degree Oral and Power Inflator incorporating the common Schrader valve BC quick disconnect post.

  • A replacement K-style 45-degree Power Inflator
  • Fits 1-inch inside diameter corrugated rubber hose
  • Includes mouth guard and pin for pull-to-dump cable
  • Compatible with many/most Scuba brands
  • The attaching hardware (clamps or zip ties) is not included


5 in stock

The BC quick disconnect post on the OME Oral Power Inflator is compatible with the slide-lock Schrader Valve fitting found on most ordinary low pressure BC inflator hoses. This widely used power inflator fits the 1-inch inside diameter corrugated rubber hose found on most tek BC aircells including those from Dive Rite, Halcyon, Highland, HOG, Hollis, IST Dolphin, Light Monkey, OMS, OxyCheq, White Arrow and many other brands.

Includes a removable rubber mouth guard and the pin for a pull-to-dump cable.

Push the button on the end to deflate or orally inflate the BC via the mouthpiece; push the other button for power inflation via the low pressure BC hose. Push both buttons simultaneously to dump gas out the mouthpiece directly from the low-pressure hose, a neat trick allowing you to leave your second stage in your mouth while still inflating a lift bag or SMB.

This product does not include attaching hardware (ie. zip ties or clamps that secure the product to your corrugated hose.)The attaching hardware is available separately.

Some inflation assemblies have a cable that runs through the inside of the corrugated hose. This cable is attached to the power inflator using the pin, such that if you pull down on the inflator itself (and thus pull the cable), a dump valve at the top of the inflator assembly is activated. This feature is usually called ‘pull-to-dump’ or ‘remote-exhaust.’ Your inflation assembly may or may not have the feature and the cable, but we include a replacement pin just in case you do need one. If the pin turns out to be unneeded you may safely discard it.

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