MOS Bubble Scuba Dome Diffuser Inon Z240 D2000


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Depth:50M waterproof

Good lighting is the key for good underwater photos. Even using two strobes, the positioning can be tricky and the smallest mistake can be critical, ruining your shot with backscatter. It gets even more difficult when we get closer, specially with a wide angle lens.

The best strobe position for close focus wide angle is with the strobes at the lense level, a little bit behing the dome and pointing slightly outward. But this technique which is pretty effective to avoid backscatter has a minimum distance limit, and if you try to get closer the light won’t reach your subject. To solve this problem we need a wider light beam and a softer edge, and this is provided by the Light Dome diffusers.

We have tested multiple material options until we found the optimum balance between light loss and beam softness.

The Diffusers take out about 1/2 or 2/3 light stops compared with the original diffuser at the center of the beam, but this light is gained at the edge, where you most need it. The result when you work up close is you will be using a smaller aperture for greater depth of field, or a lower strobe power setting for faster reciclying and longer battery life.

Shadows become much softer with the diffuser, so it is also de ideal accessory for single strobe shootters who want to avoid the complexity of dual strobe systems.

Color temperature is slightly warmer that the originial diffusers. Most people won’t notice this under normal shooting circumstances, but the important point here is that the light doesn’t become any cooler, and the warm colors remail unaltered.

These examples show the typical lack of light at the center of the photo using the standard difussers and how the Light Dome diffusers correct this problem with a nice even light across the frame, even at closer distances:

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