Gull Mantis LVR


Derived from Mantis LV, Mantis LV-R (Reloaded) incorporates a smaller overall form, added features and refined styling accents.

Exclusively equipped with UV420 AR lenses, and Gull’s brand new Comfort-Fit Technology silicone body, Mantis LV-R truly is much more than a size scaledown.

Delivering refined styling with maximized performance, this is the ideal twin-lens mask for skin and scuba divers.Equipped with UV420 lenses and a skirt uniquely designed for increased comfort. MANTIS LV’s exclusive lens shape, low-volume construction, and optimized inclination angle allow for an extended field of view.

Inclination 10 degrees

The lens shape and inclination angle work together to extend the mask’s downward field of view toward the chest level. This helps with essential diving maneuvers that are carried out at the chest level.

Curled Skirt Lip with Integrated Strap

The skirt’s all-in-one design ensures firm but gentle contact with the face. Pulling on the strap keeps a tight yet gentle seal leaving fewer impressions on your skin.





Black, Pink, Red