BC Aluminium Backplate – Small size


Introducing our backplate systems, typically accompanied by a standard aluminum backplate that weighs 2.22kg and measures 26cm X 39cm. For more petite divers under 1.65m, we offer the OEM Small backplate, weighing 1.83kg and measuring 23cm X 36cm. Please be aware that the smaller aluminum backplate necessitates a Single Tank Adapter (STA). Experience enhanced comfort and tailored options with our versatile backplate selections.

The OEM Small backplate Black does not required a STA, measuring 26cm x 35cm can be another option for divers with a short torso and wider.



Virtually all backplate systems, features highly adjustable harness systems. Often, divers overlook the significance of the backplate size, a crucial factor in achieving optimal fit and comfort, on par with the importance of the adjustable harness.

Designed with diversity in mind, the OEM Aluminum backplate offers a choice specifically catering to Asian divers. The decision between the Standard and Small Aluminum backplate is determined by the diver’s torso length. A well-fitted backplate ensures effective weight distribution, shifting the load from shoulders to hips. Proper positioning places the harness waist strap above the hips, preventing discomfort or long-term issues like lower back pain. Elevate your diving experience with a tailored choice of backplate size for unparalleled comfort and support.

Please take note, due to the height of the backplate, the system requires a STA for securing the tank straps for the silver backplate.

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Black 26cm x 35cm, Silver 23cm X 36cm